Yummy Keto Chocolate Mousse Recipe | Karen and Eric Berg

Check out the full recipe here: https://www.drberg.com/blog/keto-chocolate-mousse

This keto chocolate mousse recipe is perfect to have on hand when you need a little treat.

0:00 Keto chocolate mousse
1:00 Tasting the low carb chocolate mousse
1:20 How to make keto chocolate mousse

In this video, we’re going to share with you a delicious keto chocolate mousse recipe. Some people may not realize, but keto-friendly desserts are so easy to make. Easy dessert recipes like this just make doing the keto diet even easier. This is an incredibly easy chocolate mousse recipe that’s also incredibly delicious. The texture and flavor of chocolate mousse is so satisfying. With the way this chocolate mousse tastes, you would think there is no way you would be allowed to eat it if you were trying to eat healthily. But, this chocolate mousse recipe is completely keto-friendly!

I hope you enjoy this delicious keto chocolate mousse recipe. Thanks for watching!

13 thoughts on “Yummy Keto Chocolate Mousse Recipe | Karen and Eric Berg

  1. Dr berg, I just had to watch a few videos to learn what I needed and 3 hrs later my body is feeling a lot better. Thanks for making your videos free and easy to understand. Hashimotos is no joke!!!

  2. I love that you guys just get to taste test without having to cook it…can I have that lol. It would be awesome of you could put up some vegan or dairy free recipe options down the road. I would love to see the ideas and test them in the kitchen.

  3. I’m not a fan of using artificial sweeteners, I know stevia isn’t artificial, but I would like to see recipes that don’t call for sugar substitutes. Is that even possible?

  4. Dr Berg and Karen whatever they recommend the videos, I follow and make it right away because I like sweet. I like bread too. Thank you so much. Even I am wrong I don’t count for calories. Keto means diet .

  5. I thought it was great! Trying to convert others in the house to KETO..they said they noted this sort of slight burning/after affect.. I’m pretty sure that is the Erythritol .. Is there another sweetener that would eliminate that affect?

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