Keto Frappuccino Recipe | Eric and Karen Berg

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You don’t need to go to Starbucks for a frappuccino. You can make this incredible Keto frappuccino at home, and it’s completely sugar-free!

0:00 Keto frappuccino
0:44 Tasting the keto frappuccino
1:03 How to make a frappuccino

In this video, we’re going to share a delicious keto frappuccino recipe. Most frappuccinos are filled with tons of sugar. But, this frappuccino recipe is completely keto-friendly, which means it’s completely sugar-free.

This beautiful drink has a little bit of coffee, cocoa, heavy cream, and collagen (which is optional). It’s sweetened with monk fruit, and it tastes like the real deal. Skip all of the sugar and give this delicious frozen drink a try!

We hope you enjoy this delicious keto frappuccino recipe. Thanks for watching!

12 thoughts on “Keto Frappuccino Recipe | Eric and Karen Berg

  1. Thank you Dr.Berg and Karen I have a house full a family that eats whatever they want . That’s not the case for me. I gain just by looking lol. I just started making this keto drink and I will say . I love it .I started Keto and I F and I lost so far 11 pounds . You guys give me hope ❤️

  2. Wow been making these for about 6 months with the same recipe! Only stevia for the sweetener! I turn the cocoa powder into a syrup by slowly heating the powder with cream and some water in a pot stirring till it turns into syrup.

  3. Who’s the interesting girl with the hand tattoos, that’s doing the cooking?

    I’ve just watched a load of videos, trying to understand something, and it appears my surmise was correct. Sweet is clearly an American thing.
    I bought exogenous ketones, from perfect Keto, put a full scoop into 500ml of coffee, with MCT, butter and cream.blended it in a 35,000 rpm machine. Couldn’t drink it, it’s Saccharine sweet, and I haven’t touched sugar in years. Tried adding loads of salt, and lemon juice, didn’t make a dent, had to throw it away. I’m European.

    So now I’m using it as sweetner, put some in an avacado and blueberry smoothie, (only a cup of blueberries, all we’ve got, with almond yoghurt and milk) not bad.

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